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Pool Filter Replacement in Coachella Valley

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In order for you to get the most out of your pool equipment you must be certain your pool filter is in tip-top shape. If you believe yours is deficient, call the Supreme Pool Tile Works Coachella Valley pool filter replacement team right away! That way your pool will be ready to keep you cool in the desert heat for years to come!

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How to Know If
You Need a New Pool Filter

Unsure if your pool at home or commercial pool needs a new filter?

Below are the potential indicators that are trying to tell you a replacement is necessary.

Permanently Dirty

Even when your pool filter is in its prime it requires regular cleanings, but there comes a point when even the most consistent TLC no longer gets the job done. All pool filters eventually hit this point, some as early as three years. If this describes yours, it is time to call the best pool filter replacement team in the Coachella Valley!

Constant Clogging

Do you find yourself constantly unclogging your filter? Does the vacuuming process never go smoothly because your filter is unable to remain unclogged? If your answer is yes to either of these questions, then a replacement is in order! These symptoms reveal your filter is incapable of executing its duties, and ultimately, the condition of your pool is suffering because of it.

Cracked Caps

The end caps on both sides of a pool filter cartridge ensure what is inside remains intact. While the material of the end caps is generally durable, chemicals can wear it down, and potentially crack them.

Immediately contact our pool filter replacement team in the Coachella Valley when you notice this because waiting can cause more damage to the rest of your equipment, as bits and pieces of the broken caps may flow through the system.

Uncleanly Pool Water

Dirty water: the most obvious sign something is wrong with your pool filter.

When your filter is no longer working debris has no way out. This results in an uninviting pool, something you cannot afford during the Coachella Valley’s toastier months! Our pool filter replacement team has the expertise to replace it so your pool can get back to functioning properly.

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A working pool filter is a necessity in the Coachella Valley, so if you believe you need yours replaced, do not wait any longer! Call Supreme Pool Tile Works today!

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