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Pool Heater Repair in Coachella Valley

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Supreme Pool Tile Works knows there are several months when you do not even need to think about your pool heater, but for the times you do, you have to make sure it is working! Our Coachella Valley pool heater repair experts will service your residential or commercial pool so you can be certain it is ready to heat up when you need it to!

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Signs Your Heater Needs Repair

Similar to your other pool equipment, a malfunctioning heater makes your pool a safety hazard to you and everyone else who swims in it, so when you notice any of the following signs, do not wait to call the pool heater repair professionals in Coachella Valley!

Heater Turns Off or Will Not Turn On

Your pool heater may be turning off or will not turn on in the first place because of a dirty filter or defective transformer. Whichever it is, the Supreme Pool Tile Works pool heater repair team can work its magic to get it up and running again.

You Hear Odd Noises

If you hear odd noises from your pool heater, or any other piece of pool equipment, you can pretty much guarantee something is wrong.

Peculiar noises from your heater are typically caused by debris stuck in the hose or filter. While diagnosing the cause of these noises is straightforward, taking the necessary steps to unobstruct the hose or filter are not.

By calling the pool heater repair experts in Coachella Valley, you avoid worsening the problem by attempting to incorrectly unclog your equipment.

Not Enough Water Circulates

Insufficient water circulation in your pool is what causes it to be unsafe to swim in because the chemicals that keep it sanitary do not have a chance to make their rounds. It also inhibits your pool heater from working because circulating water triggers its sensors that enable it to operate.

Without water flowing, your pool heater is useless.

This may reveal you have more than one problem with your pool equipment, such as a pool pump in need of repair, so contact Supreme Pool Tile Works so your pool is safe to swim in again.

Pool Does Not Get Warm

If the pool water is not heating up despite the pool heater being on, then clearly it is not working!

Easy to identify, but it is still a job for a trained professional because, like the water circulation issue above, this may indicate a bigger problem: your pool heater needs fixing and your pool filter may need a replacement.

Luckily for you, we do both!

How Long Does a Pool Heater Last?

You can expect your pool heater to last seven to 10 years, but some have called it quits in three because they passed the point of no return before their owners considered repairing them!

Replacing Versus Repairing

If you take proper care of your pool heater by repairing it when necessary, you avoid a potentially $4,000-replacement expense.

Monitor its condition to avoid this hefty cost.

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A pool heater in the Coachella Valley is not necessary year round, but for those months it is, you better hope it is working! Remember, a repair is more cost-effective than a replacement, so call Supreme Pool Tile Works today!

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