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Pool Light Installation and Replacement in Coachella Valley

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The obvious purpose of pool lights is to be able to see when you swim at night; however, they also significantly increase the appeal of your pool, and either your home’s backyard or commercial property. Since they are so crucial to a property’s overall aesthetics, it is essential you have the Coachella Valley pool light installation and replacement experts at Supreme Pool Tile Works handle all pool light-related duties!

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Why Professionals Should Install Your Pool Lights

When it comes to your pool, you should always call the professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Works because it is imperative a team with experience conducts all installations. Most of the time installing pool lights occurs before filling the pool with water, either during its initial construction or during a renovation, which both require expertise.

Another reason you should call our Coachella Valley experts is because there are multiple types of pool lights that require different installation processes:

  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Fiber optic
  • Incandescent

Be certain you have your pool lights installed properly so your pool lights up the night!

The Value of a Pool Light Replacement Service

Consider how simple it is to replace the lightbulb of the lamp on your nightstand, and then recognize changing a light in your pool is nothing like that!

That is why the professionals at Supreme Pool Tile Works are here to help.

You cannot simply dive in and screw the old bulb out and screw the new bulb in, and there are several safety measures to take into consideration. Our team is well-trained in order for you to be at ease knowing everyone is aware of the necessary safety precautions required. Some of what goes into replacing your pool lights are:

  • Shutting off the pool light’s electrical power
  • Disassembling the light housing from the light niche (or light can)
  • Examining the lens to determine how severe its wear and tear is
  • Testing the light outside of the water before screwing it back in
  • And much more!

These are the details you do not have to concern yourself with because our pool light replacement team will take care of them for you!

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Neither installing nor replacing pool lights are easy tasks, but you have no reason to worry because our Coachella Valley team does both better than anyone else! Call Supreme Pool Tile Works to brighten up your pool today! Our Coachella Valley pool light installation team is here to help!

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