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Pool Pump Installation in Coachella Valley

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A pool with a low quality pool pump is unsafe to swim in and can make it an eyesore. The pool will eventually become unusable, which is why you need to make sure Supreme Pool Tile Works installs your pool pump! Our Coachella Valley pool pump installation team services residential and commercial pools to ensure swimmers can enjoy them worry-free!

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Why a Pool Pump is Important

Since the pump’s primary function is to make sure the chemicals that keep your pool clean flow evenly, a properly installed pool pump leads to having a sanitized pool. When a pump does not exist or is not operating how it is meant to, bacteria and/or algae will make your pool their new home. Over time, pools collect debris, too. Without regularly circulating, this debris has nowhere to go besides your pool, but not unless a high-performing pump has anything to say about it! The pool pumps we install will rid your pool of any junk that makes its way in.

3 Perks of a
Quality Pool Pump

As a Coachella Valley resident, you already know how vital a pool is for most months of the year. This positions you to benefit from having a top-notch pool pump installed!

Equipment Lasts Longer

The size of your pool is a huge factor when determining what size pump you need. Getting the wrong one, most of the time they are too big, will harm your other pool equipment. When a pool has an oversized pump the copper in the heater exchanger may erode, but when the pump is correctly fitted, the equipment the pump connects to automatically has a longer lifespan. This is important to know because frequently purchasing new pool equipment is expensive, but if you call Supreme Pool Tile Works, you can count on the job being done right the first time!

Clean Water

The chemicals the pool pump distributes to your pool water is what keeps it free of algae and bacteria, and it filters debris particles so they do not accumulate. When the pool pump installation team in Coachella Valley installs yours, you will soon notice how your pool manages to keep itself clean. You can thank your pump for that!

Less Noise

A loud pool pump indicates it is in need of repair, and quite frankly, it is unpleasant to hear. You walk into your beautiful backyard on a warm, sunny day to enjoy your pool, but your audible pump is ruining the vibe! Pool pumps are not silent workers, but the proficient ones are much more subtle. Supreme Pool Tile Works will be certain to set you up with a pool pump that is so quiet you will forget it exists!

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