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Pool Pump Repair in Coachella Valley

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Similar to how the human heart pumps blood throughout the entire body, the pool pump is what ensures your pool’s chemicals circulate throughout your pool water. Therefore, it is an essential piece of equipment! Supreme Pool Tile Works offers a residential and commercial pool pump repair service in Coachella Valley in order for you to be certain your pool is properly functioning. As desert residents, we all know how vital that is!

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The Purpose of a Pool Pump

As alluded to above, what the pool pump is to your pool is akin to what the heart is to the human body. That in itself emphasizes how important it is, but Supreme Pool Tile Works wants to elaborate on its role so you have a clear understanding of how it works. The chemicals it spreads throughout your pool allow the water to move from the pool to the:

  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Chlorinator

After those three systems perform their functions, the water flows back into the pool so it is safe to swim in.

Does This Process Happen Frequently?

That depends on the size of your pool, but no matter what, this process must run smoothly so:

  • Your pool is capable of removing any debris
  • Chemicals can fight any algae and/or bacteria
  • You can enjoy a healthy pool

A broken pool pump is detrimental, so call the Coachella Valley pool pump repair team to get it up and running!

Signs a Pool Pump
Needs Fixing

If you have recently noticed your pool looks funny or want to keep an eye out for a broken pool pump in the future, pay attention to the following indicators.

Loud Noises

Pool pumps do not operate silently, but strange and/or loud sounds are not normal. A clog, among other malfunctions, may be the root cause of this, but no matter what the source of the problem is, the repair team in Coachella Valley will get your pump back on track.


If you check out your pool equipment and notice water is surrounding your pool pump, it is quite possible your pool pump is leaking. Damaged parts or worn down threads cause this, two issues Supreme Pool Tile Works can fix!

Minimal Amount of Water Cycles Through Pump

When only a minimal amount of water goes through your pool pump, the necessary amount of chemicals are not reaching your entire pool; therefore, it is unsafe to swim in. Our repair team will provide you a free quote before patching up your pump so you can jump back in!

Shuts Off

This is the most obvious sign because if your pool pump will not turn on or stay on, you cannot expect it to work!

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