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Pool Pump Replacement in Coachella Valley

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When the Supreme Pool Tile Works experts install your pool pump, you will get the most out of your equipment and enjoy a safe pool to swim in. However, if you did not have our specialists install your pump, or it is simply old, you may be due for a replacement! The Coachella Valley pool pump replacement team can set you up with a quality pump that will make your pool the most desirable in the neighborhood!

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Signs You Need a
Pool Pump Replacement

The condition of your pool pump is most likely something you do not think about on a consistent basis, let alone check on regularly. This is why the Supreme Pool Tile Works pool pump replacement team in Coachella Valley proceeded to identify indicators that signify you need a new one!

Strange Sounds

Hearing odd sounds coming from your pool pump is a sign it is in need of repair, but a pump makes a few distinct sounds that are trying to tell you “I need a replacement!”


When you hear rumbling from the depths of your pool, it is your pump excessively vibrating against the surface. If it drags on long enough, your pump will develop cracks, permanently damaging it and requiring a replacement.

Grinding or Screeching

Any grinding or screeching sound you hear is because the bearings are nearing the end of their life. While bearings are cheap, worn out ones often indicate a larger problem: your pump is leaking, which means it is time to call the replacement team in Coachella Valley!


Ah, the inevitable aging process. Sadly, even pool pumps grow old and can no longer function how they used to in their heyday. If you have properly maintained your pump, you can get eight to 12 years out of it, but if not, expect to need a replacement between five and eight years. The good news is your new pump will last longer and use energy more efficiently!


When you are able to see bubbles float to the top of your pool, you will most likely discover an air leak in the pool pump. If it goes on long enough, you will notice the pool water begin to dirty, taking on a certain cloudiness that is uninviting. This means the pool is unsafe to swim in because the chemicals are not flowing throughout the water. Avoid an unappealing and harmful pool by replacing your pump!

Motor Fails to Stay On

When the pump’s motor is unable to remain on, it is likely your pool pump is suffering from being overworked. When this happens, your pump cannot execute its duties properly, leaving you with an unswimmable pool. Your replacement’s motor will come in tip-top shape so your pool returns to being a refreshing sanctuary despite the desert heat!

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The sooner you replace your pump, the sooner you can spend the day in your pool! Whether it is a residential or commercial pool in need of a new pump, call Supreme Pool Tile Works in Coachella Valley to get the job done!

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