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Salt Water Conversion in Coachella Valley

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If you are a residential or commercial pool owner who is going back and forth on whether or not you should convert your pool to salt water, you are in the right place! Supreme Pool Tile Works’ Coachella Valley salt water conversion team wants residents and businesses to know following through on doing so is beneficial for you and your pool!

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Reasons Converting to Salt Water is Beneficial

Once you learn how advantageous converting to salt water is, you will be left wondering why you did not call Supreme Pool Tile Works sooner!

Less Maintenance

First and foremost, let us make one thing clear: a salt water pool contains chlorine. The salt system it comes with converts the salt to chlorine so you do not have to worry about adding it to your pool on a regular basis. Occasionally, you will have to monitor your pool’s chemical levels, but it will be less often than you would to a pool that is 100 percent chlorine.

Increased Comfort

You know that feeling when your eyes sting after jumping in the pool, or your hair and skin feel icky even after you dry off? If you convert your pool to salt water, you will no longer experience that discomfort! Since there are more chemicals in chlorine pools, our bodies sometimes experience unpleasant reactions after being in them, but salt water pools contain far less chemicals. Your body will thank you for this, as you will no longer experience harsh side effects for simply taking a dip.

Enhanced Appeal

Some pools have such an abundant amount of chlorine they emit a repellant odor, immediately lessening their appeal. A salt water pool also boasts clearer water than a chlorine pool, increasing its aesthetics. How your pool smells and looks both contribute to the experience, and being in the Coachella Valley, swimming should always be a pleasant one! Convert to salt water to make this a reality.

Significant Savings

Here is the one you have been waiting for: a salt water pool can save you money! Initially, you have to pay to convert it, but over time, you may spend less than you would owning a chlorine pool. You can thank having less maintenance-related responsibilities for this, so call our Coachella Valley salt water conversion team for potential savings!

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