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Salt Water Pool Cleaning in the Coachella Valley

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Just like chlorine pools, salt pools require regular cleaning, maintenance and water testing to keep them safe and clean. Imbalanced products, poorly maintained pool equipment, and neglected surfaces can cause a myriad of issues in salt water pools, which use more complex systems and potentially corrosive salt. Professional cleaning services that understand the specific needs of salt water pools can ensure your pool environment is ideal.

When you need a professional touch to ensure your salt pool is being maintained efficiently, Supreme Pool Tile Works in the Coachella Valley can help. Our Coachella Valley salt water pool experts are here to help!

Salt Water Pool Basics

Advantages to owning a salt pool include:

  • Less frequent shock treatments
  • Less algae build up

Disadvantages to salt pools include:

  • The complexity of product balancing
  • Imbalances can cause build-up and unsafe, unclean pool environments.
  • Salt is a naturally corrosive agent; without regular attention, salt pools can be corrosive to surfaces and equipment.

The concept of salt pool sanitization is similar to chlorine pools, but the difference in process is related to salt pool specific cleaning needs. Salt water pools require a chlorine generator (an ECG) to convert salt molecules to chlorine. However, due to the heat and high pH production by the salt cell during conversion, the ECG is a hotspot for salt scaling and mineral deposits to end up in your pool—and can also damage your equipment. This is why proper maintenance and cleaning of both the water and pool surfaces/tiles are especially important in salt water pools.

Build-up in Salt Pools

Calcium build-up and hard water residue occurs in all pools, even salt pools. However, the main sign your salt pool needs cleaning is the presence of saltwater scaling. Salt scaling is a natural byproduct of the electrolytic process by the ECG. The goal is not to eliminate, but to control scaling in order to prevent damage and maintain a clean, healthy pool environment.

Scale deposits can be evident along waterline, and around the ECG itself. Though a pool specialist is best for identifying root causes and solutions, scale deposits are generally caused by imbalance (too high of pH or high alkalinity), a high calcium concentration, constant temperature changes, rapid evaporation, or general pool neglect. The scale deposits appear as white flakes and are actually calcium carbonate deposits. In addition to the waterline, they can also be found at the bottom of the pool and around the ECG’s blades. Without proper resolution, these scale deposits with continue to interfere with chlorine production as well, causing an unsafe pool environment and potential permanent damage to your pool and equipment.

Cleaning Salt Water Pools

The process of professional salt water cleaning services is similar to traditionally chlorinated pools. While you can maintain your pool’s cleanliness by preventing and vacuuming salt water flakes, as well as regularly scrubbing the waterline on your pool tile, you may need extra help ensuring your pool is properly maintained.

You may need an expert to balance salt pool water chemistry. Professional pool services are best for proper maintenance and operation with a salt water pool. If your salt pool is reading inaccurate conditioner or saline levels, you may not be aware of the calcium buildup before it is too late. Professional pool tile cleaning can help remove buildup on your pool surfaces, while also ensuring your equipment is working effectively.

Our Coachella Valley Salt Water Pool Cleaners are Here to Help!

Whether you require an annual full cleaning, an acid-wash, pool water replacement, or regular weekly/monthly cleaning and maintenance, Supreme Pool Tile Works has your salt water pool taken care of.

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